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Wallo Brands Media Emerges as Premier Creative Partner for Landmark Romero Britto NFT Exposition

Wallo Brands Media and Meta Arts Museum Unite to Redefine Digital Art Experience

Madison, WI, July 14th, 2023 – Wallo Brands Media, a distinguished Madison-based media company, proudly announces its pivotal role as the primary creative partner for the highly anticipated exposition of a portion of Romero Britto’s NFT DCB World Collection, hosted by Meta Arts Museum (@MetaArtsMuseum). This collaboration represents an historic fusion of art and technology, illuminating the revolutionary potential of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Romero Britto, a globally renowned artist celebrated for his dynamic and exuberant style, fearlessly embraces the digital realm with the NFT DCB World Collection. Through this collection, Britto seamlessly melds his signature artistic expression with cutting-edge blockchain technology, giving rise to breathtaking digital masterpieces that redefine creativity and authenticity.

The decision to showcase a portion of the Romero Britto NFT DCB World Collection at Meta Arts Museum underscores the institution’s unwavering commitment to celebrating the evolution of art in the digital age. With this portion of Romero Britto’s NFT DCB World Collection, the museum offers visitors an immersive and transformative experience, delving into the profound impact of NFTs on the art world.

Ann Neste, PR Manager at @MetaArtsMuseum, expresses their excitement and honor in hosting this portion of Romero Britto’s NFT DCB World Collection. According to her, this collection signifies a pivotal moment where traditional and digital mediums converge, and NFTs emerge as a canvas for artistic expression. Britto’s masterpieces encapsulate the spirit of innovation and creativity, poised to be shared with art enthusiasts for generations to come.

By showcasing this portion of Romero Britto’s NFT DCB World Collection, Meta Arts Museum cements its status as a cultural epicenter and a pioneer in groundbreaking digital art exhibitions. The museum continues to push boundaries in the digital art landscape, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary artistic practices.

Furthermore, Wallo Brands Media, renowned for its expertise in creative design, strategic advertising, and digital marketing, adds an essential dimension to this artistic convergence. Their proficiency amplifies the impact of this collaboration, ensuring that the exposition resonates with audiences worldwide.

Meta Arts Museum (@MetaArtsMuseum) invites art lovers, collectors, and the general public to embark on an extraordinary journey through the metaverse, experiencing the vibrant and captivating portion of Romero Britto’s NFT DCB World Collection. Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements regarding the opening date and instructions on accessing the virtual exhibition.

For more information about Meta Arts Museum and updates on the Romero Britto NFT DCB World Collection in the metaverse, please visit www.metaartsmuseum.com. To explore and acquire pieces from the collection, visit www.dcb.world or OpenSea. Stay connected with the museum and DCB World on social media for the latest news, virtual events, and exclusive content.

About Meta Arts Museum (@MetaArtsMuseum): A pioneering institution dedicated to exploring the intersection of art and technology, Meta Arts Museum, located in the metaverse, pushes the boundaries of traditional art spaces, providing a dynamic platform for showcasing digital art. By embracing emerging technologies and virtual experiences, Meta Arts Museum redefines the way audiences engage with and perceive art in the digital age.

Website: http://metaartsmuseum.com

About Wallo Brands Media: Wallo Brands Media is a Madison-based media company known for its diverse skill set, including expertise in creative design, strategic advertising, and digital marketing. They amplify the impact of collaborations, ensuring that artistic expressions resonate with audiences globally.

Website: http://wallobrandsmedia.com/

Media Contact: Ann Neste, PR Manager: contact@metaartsmuseum.com