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Wallo Brands Media and Prime One Magazine Forge Strategic Global Marketing Partnership

Madison, WI, November 15th, 2022 — Wallo Brands Media, a prominent player in the digital advertising landscape, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Prime One Magazine, a celebrated publication based in Moscow, Russia. This collaboration is set to revolutionize marketing efforts in both North American and Middle Eastern markets.

With a shared vision for excellence and a commitment to innovation, Wallo Brands Media and Prime One Magazine are poised to embark on a series of dynamic joint ventures. Among the notable projects on the horizon is the development of, an online directory catering to Russian-speaking businesses in Dubai and its surrounding areas. This platform will serve as a vital resource for both residents and visitors alike.

Furthermore, the partnership will extend to high-impact outdoor advertising initiatives, showcasing Prime One Magazine clients in iconic locations such as Times Square in the heart of New York City and other major urban centers across the United States. Leveraging cutting-edge digital signage technology provided by industry leaders, this venture promises to deliver unprecedented visibility and brand exposure.

Teona Jalagonia, Chief Editor of Prime One Magazine, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Wallo Brands Media in this exciting venture. Together, we aim to broaden our readership base and provide unparalleled marketing opportunities for businesses looking to make a lasting impact.”

As Prime One Magazine commemorates its 12th anniversary, this partnership marks a pivotal moment in its continued growth and influence in the global media landscape. The collaboration with Wallo Brands Media signifies a bold step towards redefining marketing strategies and amplifying brand presence across diverse markets.

Both parties eagerly anticipate the fruitful outcomes of this partnership and look forward to the innovative projects that will unfold in the months ahead.

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